Papers presented in CRI’2021

The fifth edition of the Computer Science Research Conference CRI’2021 was held from 01 to 02 December 2021 at the Department of Computer Science of the Faculty of Science of the University of Yaounde I, Yaounde, Cameroon.

Volume 36 of the ARIMA Journal is a special issue dedicated to this edition.

The list of papers presented in this edition was as follows:

Sylvain Iloga : Accurate Comparison of tree sets using HMM-based descriptor vectors

Djionang Lekagning Berlin Hervé, Tindo Gilbert, Atsa Etoundi Roger: Intrusion recognition coupled with a heuristic attributes selection method using neural networks

Mbietieu Amos Mbietieu, Hippolyte Michel Tapamo Kenfack, Oscar Vianney Eone Etoua, Serge Leonel Essuthi Essoh and Brice Auguste Mboule Ebele : Face Recognition In Databases of images With Hidden Markov’s Models

Aymar Le Père Tchimwa Bouom, Marcellin Julius Antonio Nkenlifack, Igor Godefroy Kouam Kamdem, Yannick Nzali Koagne : Pixel-vibrating medical image encryption on the coupling of a linear feedback shift register and chaotic maps

Oscar Vianney Eone Etoua, Hippolyte Michel Tapamo Kenfack, Brice Auguste Mboule Ebele, Mbietieu Amos Mbietieu and Serge Leonel Essuthi Essoh: Race recognition using enhanced local binary pattern

Serge Leonel Essuthi Essoh, Hippolyte Michel Tapamo Kenfack, Brice Auguste Mboule Ebele, Amos Mbietieu Mbietieu and Oscar Vianney Eone Etoua : Detection and Classification of Coffee Plant Diseases by Image Processing and Machine Learning

Franklin Dongmo Nzoiyem, Norbert Tsopze, Lauraine Tiogning : Approche incrémentale de construction de modèle neuronal de traduction automatique

Atangana Ongolo Martin Rodrigue, Melatagia Yonta Paulin: Plongement multilingue basé sur le mapping monolingue pour la traduction automatique neuronale des langues peu dotées

Wabo Tatchum Ghislain, Fritz Oswald Makembe Sosso : Text classification methods applied to job offers in Cameroon

Martin Xavier Tchembé and Maurice Tchoupé Tchendji : Opportunistic information dissemination over hybrid ASN using publish/subscribe communication model

Nel Gerbault Nanvou Tsopgny, Thomas Messi Nguélé, Etienne Kouokam : Domain Specific Language (DSL) for parallelizing Machine Learning Algorithms on multicore

Tsognong Fidèle, Azanguezet Quimatio Benoît Martin, Nkenlifack Marcellin Julius : Formal description of HOrBAC model

Gérard Nzebop Ndenoka, Tchuente Maurice, Emmanuel Simeu, Valéry Marcial Monthe : Multi-target synthesis of logic controllers using a MDE approach

Alain Chamfort Wandji, Ibrahim Moukouop Nguena, Bernabé Batchakui, Thomas Djotio Ndié : Quality Assessment Framework to enhance the quality of assessment of students

Nteme Christophe Armel, Ngnoulaye Janvier, Aminou Halidou : E-learning, 3-Factor Authentication using One Time Password and Face Recognition

Uchenna Okebanama, Janvier Ngnoulaye, Monica Agu, Francis Bakpo, Honour Chika Nwagwu : Optimized Congestion Control Framework for Wireless Local Area Networks

Adrienne Louise Tchamgoue Kameni, Mathurin Soh, Geraud Fokou Pelap : Un modèle d’évaluation de la performance des réseaux IoT par une approche d’apprentissage automatique

Armel Jacques Nzekon Nzeko’O, Adamou Hamza, Maurice Tchuente : Système de recommandation basé sur la prédiction de disponibilité des ressources appliquée aux catégories des produits

Motue Djoko Kely Maxime : Prédiction du risque de crédit par arbre de décision

Claude Kanyou, Etienne Kouokam, Yves Emvudu Epidemic : Spreading in Real Networks: A new spectral and structural approach of prediction